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Landscape Workshop of Dmitriy Borodavkin

extremely high precision in landscaping

Dmitriy Borodavkin

/professional biography

Borodavkin Dmitriy - landscape architect of the first generation of landscapers in Post-Soviet Russian Federation.


Landscape architect - first and only job of D.Borodavkin, so in a fairly young age, he have not only a 6 years of architectural and landscape education, but 20 years of experience in landscape architecture. He began his career as a gardener. And now Dmitriy is the head of the landscape studio. Forming his own style and then going to the partnership with landscaping firms, he performs not only the design, lead supervision and maintenance of landscaping.


Now Dmitriy makes individual projects for private clients, which supplied not only with colorful sketches but precise architectural drawings and cost estimates. Then the projects are implemented by the contractor, who the customer chooses their own or with our help.


In our workshop you will find:

  • Author's style and not borrowed ideas

  • A competent planning of the garden

  • Photorealistic 3d-visualization of sketches with an unlimited number of changes to the design on the stage of sketching

  • Detailed elaboration of working documentation

  • Accurate estimates of materials

  • Assistance in selecting plants and materials, a well in the selection of the contractor, taking into account features of your garden is.


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Мастерская ландшафта Дмитрия Бородавкина

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