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Landscape Workshop of Dmitriy Borodavkin

extremely high precision in landscaping

Our service saves your money! How?

Why the landscaping - is a difficult business?

- less time for installation,

- risks are high and any mistake is very costly,

- the rivalry is high,

- а customer buys a pig in a poke, because he/she can not be sure that your design will be appropriate for him/her

- the client is not able to understand drawings and plans and can eventually say that you did not what he wanted.


We know how to make your business more profitable and reliable, because we are in this market for 20 years.



We know how you can:

- Protect yourself from mistakes and discontent customers

- Stand out from the competition

- Dispel all customer's doubts and convince the client to order landscaping to you

- Receive orders in the more expensive end of the market

- Implementation more objects in a single season

- With all this more to save money!


There is a solution - make a beautiful, clear and well-researched project.


How will it help me to protect myself from the mistakes and discontent customers?

Technical drawings is thoroughly worked out and you do not have to make decisions on the site, or to make some changes to the design on the go. Beautiful and intelligible 3d pictures, approved by the client and he/she would not tell you that you had not understand him/her and had not done what he had wanted.

How to dispel all doubts of customer and convince the client to order your landscaping?

Customer buys creative work and is afraid that his desires and tastes do not coincide with the vision of the designer/architect. If paying ones our design client will necessarily receive the desired result! We are ready to offer more and more new ideas or make changes and improvements in design as long as the customer is completely satisfied. So we have never dissatisfied customers!

How to start working at the more expensive end of the market?

Your projects will significantly stand out from the competition, they will look professional, persuasive and expensive.

How to make more installations in a single season?

You do not need to spend time on the design, you do not need to present on the site and follow the works, because on our drawings any builders can do all by yourself, you do not have to correct any errors, and make decisions on the site. You do not have to stand over the workers and explain what to do. You just give your workers our drawings and your instructions and they do the work without your presence, you can only check the result and get praise from the customer.

How does it save money?

You do not need to have a staff of expensive landscape architect and pay him a salary all year round. You will need less supervision, you will not have to correct any mistakes at your own expense. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Why working with us is comfortable?

- We do not take a place in your office, we already have powerful computers, all the necessary software and unique base of plants models and textures for rendering.

- We have a wonderful Portfolio, which you can show your potential customers.

- You sleep, we work. You give us a job and go to sleep and in the morning, get the work done.

- You can order us any design phase separately, and perform any part work yourself.

And the most important!

- Our services are not just profitable, they are unique!

- Our concept and design are original and architecturally literate.

- Our visualization is attractive for customers like and it can decorates your portfolio.

- Our designs can thoroughly calculate the quantity of work, materials and time, reduce risks and costs of supervision.

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