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Landscape Workshop of Dmitriy Borodavkin

extremely high precision in landscaping

 Price list

* you can see the approximate prices. Final price may vary depending on the complexity

3dddArch SketchUp

$ 290

Unlimited number of views

3dddArch 3ds max Daylight

$ 450

Unlimited number of views

3dddArch 3ds max Daylight+Nightlight

$ 550

Unlimited number fo views

3dddLandscape Daylight

$ 860 per plot to 10,000 ft2

Unlimited number of views

3dddLandscape Daylight+Nightlight

$ 1230 per plot to 10,000 ft2

Unlimited number of views

The concept (idea) of landscape design

$ 350 per plot to 10,000 ft2

several options of plan  in AutoCad

Basic set of landscape technical drawings

$ 770 per plot to 10,000 ft2


  • The mainplan

  • Common layout drawing

  • The layout drawings for each element are developed on a larger scale

  • The plan of coating the heights provides an indication of existing and planned elevations.

  • The draft of drainage and rainwater drainage systems are drawn individually or within a drawing, showing the slopes and their depth.

  • The diagram of the location of retaining walls (if there are any), statement of retaining walls and their technology sections.

  • The Layout drawings of the retaining walls (if necessary).

  • The coating plan.

  • The technological drawings and sections of paving are drawn within a drawing or separately.

  • The planting scheme and specification of plants or a planting list (a scheduled list of plants which are suggested to be planted with an indication of their Latin name)

  • The diagram of location of small architectural elements (hardscape location diagram).

  • Lighting scheme

Flower beds, rockeries ect.

$ 14 per 10 ft2


- Scheme

- Plants schedule

- 3d visualisation

Paving map

$ 3 per 10 ft2

The location of each element in paving

Landscape Design (conscpt+visualisation+drawings)

$ 2350 per plot to 10.000 ft2


  • Conception

  • 3ds max visualisation (daylight+nightlight)

  • Basic set of technical drawings

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Мастерская ландшафта Дмитрия Бородавкина

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